Environmental Management Authority

The EMA is mandated to write and enforce laws and regulations for environmental management, to educate the nation on environmental issues, and to control and prevent pollution, as well as to conserve natural resources

Institute of Marine Affairs

The IMA collects, analyses and disseminates information relating to the economic, technological, environmental, social and legal developments in marine affairs and to formulate and implement specific programmes and projects

Nature Seekers

Nature Seekers provides conservation experiences for customers in securing the region's natural resources.

Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalist Club

The TTFNC fosters education and knowledge on natural history and to encourage and promote activities that would lead to the appreciation, preservation and conservation of the natural heritage of Trinidad and Tobago

Environment Tobago

Environment Tobago is involved in initiatives that can help with conserving, improving or alternately - altering local or regional ecosystems

The University of the West Indies- Department of Life Sciences

The Department of Life Sciences at UWI provides consulting and advisory services with respect to flora and fauna for forest and protected areas and to support the collection, management and archiving of biodiversity data.

Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC)

Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville (ERIC): A not-for-profit ecological learning and

Department of Natural Resources & Forestry, THA

The Department of the Environment is responsible for the protection, preservation and enhancement of Tobago’s environment

Marine Areas Unit, THA

The Marine Areas Unit is responsible for managing the marine and coastal resources around Tobago

Forestry Division

The Forestry Division is responsible for the sustainable management of the forests of Trinidad and Tobago to ensure that they are abundant, ecologically healthy, biologically diverse and contribute to the wellbeing of all people and to the national economy in current and future generations

Fisheries Division

The Fisheries Division is responsible for ensuring that the marine fisheries resources of Trinidad and Tobago are optimally utilized in a sustainable manner so as to ensure its long-term contribution to food security, employment and development.


CANARI is focused on the promotion and facilitation of equitable participation and effective collaboration in the management of natural resources critical to development in the Caribbean islands, through action learning and research, capacity building, communication and partnerships

The Council of Presidents of the Environment advocates for environmental conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources through supporting and helping to coordinate the efforts of the local environmental NGOs and CBOs by promoting public environmental awareness.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation provides assistance to Trinidad and Tobago in food and nutrition security; agriculture and rural productivity and business development; and in the modernization of the food and agriculture sector of the country

The Ministry of Planning and Development

The Ministry of Planning and Development

Making information about Trinidad and Tobago Biodiversity available to all.

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