Protected Area:

Nariva Swamp and Coastal Zone

Trinidad and Tobago


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The Nariva Swamp and Coastal Zone Pilot Protected Area includes all state lands within the boundaries of the Nariva Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA), amounting to 11,343 ha, as well as a satellite area consisting of the beach-front from the low tide to high tide marks, consisting of 70 ha along the Manzanilla Beach, from the northern to southern boundary of the ESA on the island’s Atlantic coast. The site includes the Nariva Swamp Prohibited Area, the Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary and part of the Nariva Windbelt Reserve. The proposed pilot site is primarily state land, however, there are two areas of private land ownership within the south eastern portion, coconut estates and private holiday homes in the area known as "the Cocal" and encroachment of agricultural squatters to the south and northwestern areas of the pilot site.